What is the Career Exploration?

Exploring career options:

Develop products that promote or enable your hobbies. For example, if you like to read, you can create a line of T-shirts with “I like to read” or “Books are downloadable.” Read if you like music, create a special rack to help you better organize your LPs. Since you’re already excited, you should already have some idea of ​​what other engagements others might be interested in (and which they might not be interested in).

Talk to friends who share your hobbies and throw ideas away from them. To find out if they and / or they know, are interested in the idea of ​​your product.

For example:

If reading is your hobby, you might ask a colleague, “Are you interested in a shirt that has ‘looks cool’? Do you think we’re interested?” Would anyone else be interested in such a product?

Help Others Involved In Your Hobby Learn The Business:

If your previous or current career involves doing business. In accounting, marketing, or some related field, you can use this experience to help others who are looking for a career in their hobby. To run your business more efficiently. Or, instead of teaching them how to do it yourself, you can offer your services to someone working in your field of interest, who is looking for an accountant, communications specialist, or related professional position. That way, you can make a living by consulting in your hobby.

For Example:

  • If you are a professional program planner, you can approach an incoming artist and offer to help them host a gallery of your work.
  • If you have a delivery service and your hobby is baking, you can offer to provide cupcakes or other baked goods for the local bakery.
  • If you are a graphic designer but you like to play music, you can purchase your artistic talents in bands of your choice and offer to create album art or flyers for their shows.

Write Or Talk About Your Hobbies:

If you have a lot of experience and information about your hobby, you will have reached some deep truths that others can benefit from understanding. For example, if your hobby is repairing old cars, you are taught about the virtues of patience, or how to consider multiple possibilities from repairing cars. Secondly, even people who are not interested in auto repair may be interested in hearing about how you conveyed these feelings and thinking about how they can incorporate your insights into your life.

One low-cost way to reach a large audience for your speech is to create videos and post them online on platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube.

In addition, you can write for other hobbies, who want to deepen and expand your knowledge about the hobby. Contact your favorite trade magazines and organizations and ask if they can use someone like you to write an article or present at an upcoming conference. Write to the editor of publications related to your hobby and introduce yourself. Include information about your qualifications. Ask, “Will it be possible for me to write for your publication?”

Identify Sales Routes:

There are numerous ways to make money from your choice. You can offer arts and crafts online on sites like Atsi. You should also consider physical presence. If you are not really ready or willing to open a store, you should at least look for festivals, conventions, or revelations where you can sell your services.

For Example:

If your hobby is photography, you can attend photography conventions and offer on-site infrastructure services.

If you want to make your rock band a career, you can enter the band competition battle in your area. In turn, you can set up a generator at major music festivals and play for anyone who is interested in listening to you.

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