How to Choose a Career

What is a career?

Choosing a career to live a successful life is called a career. In the opinion of experts, the definition of a career is something like this.

  • Experiences related to human work and business
  • Lifetime employment or business chain
  • Choosing a profession such as law, medicine, army, etc. in which there are visible ways to move forward.
  • Moving forward in an organization.


Career meanings are a way of life and a profession is used to mean a certain future in a particular field, but in this article, we will discuss career and profession as a synonym.

Choosing a good career for oneself means that a person chooses a source of livelihood that suits his health, abilities, and inclinations so that he can make more progress in this particular profession and he does not feel tired or exhausted from working. Rather, there should be satisfaction and happiness.

Why is a career important?

Man’s life is the name of a constant struggle. As Human creatures, we have been given responsibilities. Man needs material resources to pay for them. The head of a family has to provide the basic necessities of life, food, clothing, shelter, education, and treatment for his family. So that every member of the family can grow with dignity, get their place in society. Be able to fulfill your social responsibilities.

Man employs or takes up a business to provide material resources. As a result of his economic activities, he has the material resources to meet the needs of life for himself and his family. This economic activity (job or business) is his career. It is on the basis of this career that he gets respect and place in society, and that is why he fulfills his desires. Providing food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care to oneself and one’s children, siblings and other dependents is a responsibility that cannot be avoided. In order to fulfill this responsibility effectively, one or another profession must be adopted. This is the constitution of human society and this is the only way to succeed, by walking on which a dignified place in society can be achieved.

Sociologists have identified the following needs that motivate human life:

1- Medical/physical needs:

These include food, clothing, shelter, until these needs are met, nothing can motivate a man.

2- Protection:

Protection from fear of loss and danger to life, loss of employment, and protection from fear of loss of property, food, and clothing are among the human needs. Fulfilling this need motivates him.

3- The need for society:

It is human nature to live together. To live together and live with others is to pay each other’s dues. Payment of these rights is a social need.

4- Internal feelings:

After fulfilling the above requirements, a feeling of strength, dignity, and confidence is created in a person. These feelings give a person heartfelt happiness and satisfaction, which is essential for a successful life.

5- Desire for development:

After reaching a certain place, man’s natural desire is to go beyond it. This sense of development is the basis of the flourishing of this factory life.

Job Or Business?

Whether you have a job or a business, you are actually meeting the needs of your life. Your business is your profession as well as your job. The key to success is to have a plan in place and set your own development goals. Some thinkers say that no matter what the profession, its true status cannot be different from trade. A laborer carrying a basket is actually a trader, who earns his living by selling his physical labor. The clerk working in the office is also a businessman, who gets paid by selling his mental labor and a shopkeeper is a businessman who earns wealth by selling his goods. Similarly, lawyers, doctors, engineers, administrators, are all businessmen. Everyone is making a living by selling their skills, energy, hard work, and wealth in the world market.

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